Kisiwa Creek Armory Show

My name is Brian Ellis, owner of Kisiwa Creek Armory. I am a simple family man who enjoys the sport of shooting and have been involved with guns, hunting and the outdoors my entire life.  Growing up, I shot skeet with my dad and also learned other shotgun sports like trapping, bird hunting, and sporting clays. I also spent a great deal of time with archery. My wife, Teresa, grew up with her step dad at the archery range and shooting guns.  We hunt and shoot together every chance we get and while neither of us claim to be experts, shooting is something we are both very passionate about.

The name Kisiwa Creek Armory comes from the “creek” which runs through the northwest part of Hutchinson and consequently runs beside both my house and my grandparent’s house. I later found out that this creek was actually a drainage ditch. I learned this while drinking coffee with some older friends of mine. I had been struggling to come up with a name for my business and once I heard the name Kisiwa Creek, a spark lit up! The gentleman went on to explain that the city developers thought that Kisiwa Creek was a far better name for the drainage ditch than the “big ol %^$* ditch.” I laughed and Kisiwa Creek Armory was born.

The idea to begin KCA began out of a desire to continue working past retirement in something Teresa and I both love. I once heard someone say that if you do something you love or turn your hobby into a business that you will never work a day in your life. It seemed only natural, given our backgrounds, that we should choose shooting sports to grow a business and begin a new adventure. As a family with 6 kids, we understand what it’s like to be on a budget. Our business model is based on offering good value at an affordable price. We also believe that service and putting the customer first is of utmost importance. We offer great deals on AR’s, Glocks, 1911’s, 10/22’s, and sporting gear used for IDPA, 3-gun and hunting as well as general plinking and enjoyment! After all, if it isn’t fun and affordable for the whole family, then family involvement will probably be limited.

Lastly, Teresa and I both have service related backgrounds – both of our fathers served our country in the military. We welcome those who choose to serve as family and always offer a 5% discount to anyone in uniformed service: Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Veterans. It is our small way of saying thank you for your service.

Aim small, miss small.

Brian and Teresa Ellis

Owners of Kisiwa Creek Armory, LLC