HABU® Mod 1 for 5.56mm/.223


The HABU MOD 1 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle allows for robust charging of the AR-15, while simultaneously integrating a cheek riser.

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To Operate HABU® Mod 1 for 5.56mm/.223. With your dominant hand trigger finger indexed outside of the trigger guard, take your non-dominate hand with your thumb to the rear, in one motion grasp, pull to the rear and release, just like your pistol slide. Rapidly re-engage your target with the solid cheek weld HABU® Mod 1 provides.

The HABU® was designed by veterans who saw a need for an integral M4/AR15 cheek riser. This was needed to better align the shooters eye with magnified optics with short eye reliefs. The Army and Marine Corps both issue magnified optics to their ground troops. For many years it has been impossible for most shooters to attain a proper sight picture without goose-necking, until now. The HABU® solves this issue and will provide the solution that many asked for, yet only Falcon 37 delivered.

Why HABU® Mod 1 is a “Must Have” AR Accessory
By combining the charging handle and cheek rest HABU® Mod 1 not only accelerates and improves operation of the AR platform, it looks BAD-ASS… like it belongs there! Using Major v.s. minor motor skills for it’s operation which is critical for Entry Teams, Military personnel and other high stress environments, the shooter can more effectively grip HABU® to get his or her gun back in the fight. HABU® Mod 1’s gripping surface works just as well under wet, muddy or bloody conditions.
A shooter must have consistent, proper cheek weld on any gun platform they’re shooting. The charging handle on the AR platform prevents attachment of most cheek rest devices without stock modifications. Falcon 37 Inc. wanted to create an ergonomic cheek rest device that wouldn’t get in the way of a charging handle while keeping the shooters cheek in the proper position using optics. Having proper cheek weld on the gun minimizes the time the shooter spends “chasing the red dot or reticle” with their eye.


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